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  • My mission is to inspire self-love, gratitude and connectedness through yoga. I want to raise the vibration and spread the love! Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, happy to have you on this site!

     What is Yoga?  The word "yoga" comes from the Sanskrit root yuj, which means "to join" or "to yoke". Yoga allows us to find harmony with the mind, body and soul.

    In 2007, I stumbled into my first yoga class…not knowing what I was about to experience. I could not finish the class. I remember watching my teacher as she gracefully stood on one leg with the other wrapped around her shoulder extended in standing compass pose. I watched with bewilderment. I yearned for more. I kept going back. The practice struck a chord in me and I was hooked. The spiritual discipline and the freedom through movement was intoxicating. Yoga can bring peace, patience and a clear, present mind. The musical sound of the Sanskrit language allows the mind to meditate as the body moves through the asanas, the poses. The breath and the asana will give the mind and body great strength and balance.

    Yoga inspires to serve those in need.  Yoga will cultivate a sense of oneness. There is a shared energy in a yoga room that connects us all, no matter what your circumstance. The connection is the breath. The connection is being grateful to be alive.

    Yoga will cultivate a feeling of lightness that is magical. The practice will strip away the layers that weigh so heavy on the heart. As my practiced developed, I realized all the chaos that cluttered my mind. Yoga gave me the freedom to let that go. You will cultivate a feeling of connecting to something greater than yourself. The feeling of trusting that there is a divine plan. You will find great freedom and serenity. Visualize it. Believe in it. Ride the wave.

    My true loves are my two awesome boys, Chase and Blake, my yoga practice and music. I have a fascination with crystals because they are beautiful, pure and magical!  I’m enamored with mala beads & essential oils…these elements inspire me and bring joy to my daily meditation. It feeds my soul and brings me light, happiness and inspiration. The Yoga Sutras, mantra, pranayama & meditation have guided me on this amazing journey.  Now I'm guiding students to put their leg behind their head...even if you just visualize... it's the intriguing element of yoga that makes us feel so alive, free and playful!

    I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Exhale in May 2012 with the amazing Julie Boyd and Sanskrit scholar Cheryl Oliver of Arizona. I am registered with the National Yoga Alliance.

    The Ashtanga practice is my foundation. I continue to practice primary series and I have just now begun to practice second series.  I have great admiration for my Ashtanga teachers who are guiding me.

    I offer up gratitude to all the beautiful teachers before me. I offer gratitude to all my amazing students who inspire me to be live a life of service and grace.

    Set a daily intention…Keep practicing, all will come…Practice with integrity…Practice daily…Be fearless...Be grateful for where you are today...Do not chase the asana....Do not cling to the thoughts...Allow the yoga to come to you...Believe in yourself...You are stronger than you think...You are more flexible than you think...The practice takes great discipline…There is great reward! Love is free! Freedom is free! A clear, present mind is free for the taking! Just get on your mat and allow the yoga to peel away the layers. You will soften your heart, clear the mind, and reveal your true authentic self.

    By mastering the flow of energy, you will become radiant! Ride the wave. 

    Life isn’t always warm and sunny…sometimes it’s dark, cold and lonely…whatever the season, whatever the circumstance, find the beauty that surrounds you. Allow God and the Universe to guide you. Trust your inner voice.  You are a radiant, soulful being!

     Come practice with me! Peace out.