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  • Marianne Cook

    Yoga Instructor

    "As I reflect on my own personal yoga journey, this beautiful practice has brought me calmness, strength and empowerment in my all areas of my life.  When I began my yoga journey, I was pregnant with my daughter, Malena and my first class was led by Julie Boyd so many years ago…. who ironically became my yoga teacher in teacher training where I met so many beautiful souls and my dear yoga sister, Shelley…… we instantly connected on so many different levels and she is such an important person in my life.  Her inner strength, love and passion for the practice has been an ongoing inspiration for me in my own personal yoga journey.  Yoga to me is a mindset, an inner peace that one obtains through continual practice, dedication, compassion and most of all humility for oneself and the people that surround you in your life and lives that yoga has allowed me to reach. Yoga is a way of life…….The fourth Chakra- HEART- located in the center of the chest has allowed me to love, hope and forgive.  I am thankful and humbled by this practice of Yoga …… Peace and love always."
    ~ xoxo Marianne Cook.
  • Natalie Golden

    Yoga Student & Instructor

    I have been practicing steadily with Shelley for three years. During that time she has led me to deepen my practice in insightful and valuable ways. With her guidance I have learned to increase my focus on the breath and let go of attachment to poses. These insights have led me to feel happier and more secure in my physical practice. Shelley’s knowledge of Sanskrit, chakras, meditation and yogic philosophy make the experience of her classes enriching and comforting while at the same time physically challenging. Her open and non-intimidating manner will enable you to try things you haven’t tried before and take your practice deeper knowing that she has led you to that point in a safe and effective manner. I always leave Shelley’s classes with a feeling of rooted calm that stays with me throughout the day.” ~ Natalie Golden

  • Philip Danze

    Yoga Student

    "I take Shelley's class to stretch a little, sweat a little, and clear my head.  She has a beautiful practice, and does a wonderful job of guiding us through the poses.   Her class provides a good workout and a good opportunity to focus on what's truly important.   Always glad I went."

  • Amanda Montgomery

    Yoga Student

    "In the chaos of life's journey~ 'Shelley Swami' teaches a governing practice that truly inspires the mind, calms the heart & heals the soul. She offers kind instruction to all who come to the mat...my life is better because of her. Namaste."